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We are glad to be one of the first to welcome you on your journey. We know how important it is to have a car for work and leisure. Our offer of rental cars is based on this need. At Europcar, you can choose a car based on your imagination – small, family, luxury, multi-seat, convertible, manual or automatic transmission. At Europcar, Czech Republic, you can choose from the most diverse offer on the market. Our cars are new, clean and perfectly maintained, with 24-hour rental assistance service.  

Europcar has been a specialist in renting cars for many years. Therefore, it is your reliable partner on the road, anywhere in the world. We have branches in 130 countries.  

Europcar is proud of its Czech fleet park, which offers new cars with above standard equipment and motorisation supplemented by natural aromatherapy, which improves the comfort of travelling.  

The fact that Europcar has repeatedly been awarded with the prestigious World Travel Award proves that our services are of the highest quality. Welcome to the Czech Republic.